In & Out of Service

In & Out of Service

The story of buses now in the London Bus Museum and other collections – in service in the capital and in preservation

authors: Guy Marriott & Ian Read
hardback 240mm x 285mm, 160 pages
ISBN 978 0 9565740 7 7

This book takes you on a wonderful journey. It's a journey by London bus that goes right back to the earliest days when horse-drawn vehicles plied for trade on the streets of the capital, through trolleybuses and motorbuses to the electric buses of the 21st century.

But it's not just a chronological romp through the decades; it's an intelligent study of the incredible variety of buses in the collection of the London Bus Museum, and from other collections too, showing them as they were in service and as they are now in preservation.

There are other stories to be told, too, all adding interest, flavour and context – why some buses were green, how route numbers were chosen, London's first female bus driver, the different types of bus stops and what Rover Tickets were.

A rich variety of stunning images, lovingly displayed, make every page a joy to look at, and the story that unfolds in these pages is filled with insight, surprise, interest and sheer delight.



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