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In future issues we have . . .

We've got loads more lined up in future issues, including a coach with a gas turbine engine and more odd artics. We look into the story of Maidstone & District's Leyland Panther buses, Devon General's utility Guy Arabs and buses from the Black Isle and from Achnsheen in the Highlands. Talking of Scotland, we'll off to the Isle of Skye with Stephen Morris in the early 1980s. We also take a look at London immediately before the RT reigned supreme and a bus route that crossed Hampstead Heath. We have Daimler Roadliners here and in Canada, see the world of buses through more postcards, and wash some Red & Whites in Cardiff. There is also more on Albion Nimbuses, and a look at Aldershot & District's love affair with Dennis and Provincial's love of rebuilt buses.

We'll be going up Richmond Hill, off to Morecambe to visit another of Jeremy Williams' aunts; off to Lytham St Annes too, looking down on buses from on high and passing under and over more bridges. We'll be loading mail at the back, observing X routes in the South Midlands, and much more besides...  Take out a subscription  and enjoy the ride with Classic Bus!

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