issue 190 (April – May 2024)

issue 190 (April – May 2024)

Daimler was once a significant bus chassis manufacturer and our delve into the Bus Archive this time has revealed a brochure the company produced in the 1960s to trumpet itself and showcase its models. On a slightly different scale, we discover how bus manufacturers were involved in building taxis, too.

There’s more about coach stations in London, both near King’s Cross and south of the river at Kennington. And we have another bus under a bridge (only it’s an arch!), more buses on postcards, and another view from on high, this one looking down on a bus in Warrington. This issue also sees the start of a new series by Mike Fenton on lesser-known coach body builders, kicking off with Kenex, as well as more buses leaning over and an explanation about hexagonal destination screens.

The world changed significantly for municipal operators in 1973, and in this issue Thomas Knowles remembers what it was like in Lancaster and Morecambe, where he had been newly appointed at the time.

in this issue

  • celebrating Daimler – from The Bus Archive
  • 1973: a new municipal order – what it meant in Lancaster and Morecambe
  • looking down on Warrington – every picture tells a story
  • bus manufacturers – getting involved in the taxi business
  • more later buses – to get you home, even from church
  • coaches at King's Cross – there were a number of coach stations
  • … and at The Oval - a coach station in South London
  • leaning over – it's not just the camber to look out for
  • when City Circle circled again – we're back in Bristol
  • classic coachbuilders – a new series starting off with Kenex
  • a bus under another bridge – only it's actually an arch
  • early underfloors – AEC vs Leyland, if only
  • where Midland Red once reigned – in postcards
  • going a bit hexagonal – SMT wasn't the first


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