Classic Bus subscription (recurring payment)

Classic Bus subscription (recurring payment)

Get the magazine delivered to your door every two months.

Adding this item to your shopping cart will allow you to set up an automatically renewing subscription with an annually recurring card payment or direct debit/bank transfer. If you would prefer to make a one-off card payment for your subscription, please go back and select the single payment subscription option.

Using the boxes below, please specify the region where magazines are to be delivered, and whether this is a new subscription or a renewal of an existing subscription.

If you would like us to start the subscription from a specific issue, please enter the issue number in the box below. For existing subscribers, your subscription will simply continue from the next issue due, unless specified otherwise.

If the subscription is a gift and you would like us to send a gift card to the recipient, or to you to hand over in person, this can be requested during the checkout process.

Please note that recurring payment subscriptions cannot be combined with other items in your shopping basket; please order and pay for any other items separately.

Once your order for a recurring payment subscription has been placed, we shall contact you by e-mail to get a suitable payment method set up on your account before your card or bank account is charged.

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From £25.65


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