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  Maidstone & District
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This book by David Toy and Ray Stenning delves into the character, style and substance of this much-loved bus company through its post-war golden years until it became part of the National Bus Company. M&D’s dark green and cream buses could be seen everywhere from Gravesend to Rye and from Faversham to Eastbourne and Brighton, and its coaches further afield on express services, excursions and holiday tours.

We set the scene with telling how it all started, then go on to explore the towns and villages it served and go into a lot of their stories. We show how the fleet developed over the years, looking at specifics like the development of single-deck buses with the spread of one-man operation, and how the company embraced the new rear-engined double deckers of the 1960s. There are lots of asides and diversions to give you a thoroughly engaging experience of this famous bus company. And to add spice, there are more than 300 superb photographs, maps, timetable extracts and period advertisements.

hardback 240mm x 285mm, 208 pages

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Roger Davies, who once worked for Ribble, explores the character, operations and territory of this much-loved bus company through 13 sumptuous chapters, each one a treasure trove of gorgeous pictures with well-written narrative that together give you a tantalising sense of time and place.

Travel through its vast territory that stretched from the River Mersey and Manchester up to the Scottish border, Learn about the company’s allegiance to Leyland, and see its buses and coaches in action and at rest in towns, cities, villages and wide open spaces all over its empire and way beyond.

hardback 240mm x 285mm, 194 pages

  A Century of Service – the year by year story of Wilts & Dorset

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This exciting new book from Classic Bus chronicles both major events and interesting asides year by year between the birth of the fledgling company in 1915 through to the major regional transport provider it has grown into in 2015. It paints an accurate and fascinating picture of Wilts & Dorset over those 100 years.

With more than 300 photographs, many maps, plus illustrations of artefacts and ephemera, every page is a loving tribute to this much-loved bus company.

160 pages, hardcover, over 300 pictures, plus maps, publicity and artefacts

  Twelve Royal Tigers – the story of Beccols & Bellhouse Hartwell
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Hit by the fall in the trade in the mid-1930s, the owner of a modest Lancashire cotton firm recruited his bright young nephew to broaden the business. His solution was to build coach bodies. This had hardly started when two key staff members left and set up as rivals. This book tells the amazing story of these two rivals, Bellhouse Hartwell and Beccols, in a fascinating tale of rivalry and enterprise, and of hope, disappointment and success in those now distant, early post-war years.

The coaches produced by these two companies between 1947 and 1955 were very much of their time; sometimes avant-garde, sometimes outlandish and flamboyant, but always stylish and distinctive. With nearly 300 photographs and illustrations, many never seen before and all expertly restored, every page is a delight to the eye – it’s a brilliant reference work and a beautiful book.

128 pages, hardcover, over 280 pictures & illustrations, as well as production lists

  The return of the Olympic
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King Alfred of Winchester bought a Leyland Olympic in 1950 and sold it in 1966. It was rescued by Friends of King Alfred Buses in 1990 and over a period of 22 years the rusting hulk was painstakingly restoredo its former glory. This is the complete story of that bus, from its days with King Alfred through to the restoration, expertly written by Stephen Morris.
72 pages, over 120 pictures, illustrations & maps

Pride & Joy - My Amazing 25 Year Journey with Brighton & Hove
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Managing Director Roger French OBE tells the inside story of the last 25 years of Brighton & Hove, one of the UK's most successful and admired bus operators. He reveals the secrets of how Brighton & Hove has been able to achieve the holy grail of consistent passenger growth every year since 1993.
160 pages, over 250 pictures, illustrations & maps

  Fine art prints - Aldershot & District buses in Farnham and   Dorking
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