issue 186 (August – September 2023)

issue 186 (August – September 2023)

Harrington may have ceased coachbuilding well over 50 years ago, but there was a fine array of its erstwhile beauties at Wythall in the Spring. We report on that, and a strange proposal from Marshall found in The Bus Archive for an open-platform, rear-entrance double decker – we assume for London. And while we’re on about oddities, we look at MCW’s unpopular Topaz coachwork.

A picture of a small bus at very rural Lower Ashton in Devon in 1963 in the previous edition has led to pictures and a story of minibuses at both Higher and Lower Ashton a few years later in this issue. We have more buses going under bridges, a bus that ended up on the rails in Ireland, a lot of buses lining roads in Yorkshire when the Pope dropped by, and Bristol KSWs on route 1 in Bristol.

The Western Isles of Scotland are beautiful. Stephen Morris felt the call and tells us of a memorable family visit to Skye he made in 1981 by coach and bus. Inspired by a comment from the late Robert Jowitt, Michael Dryhurst shows us a range of buses viewed from a different angle, while Chris Drew tells us about a Routemaster coach he has known and loved over the years.

in this issue

  • a Harrington day – style on display at Wythall in May
  • a strange proposal from Marshall – from The Bus Archive
  • minibuses in the Haldon Hills – at Higher and Lower Ashton
  • when the Pope dropped by – rather a lot of buses turned up
  • MCW's Topaz coach body – didn't shine very brightly
  • Irish road to rail – a bus conversion across the water
  • Harpers in Lichfield – more buses going under bridges
  • an appeal for a T – help needed to restore a rare Regal
  • when the far Cuillins are calling – Stephen Morris headed for the Isle of Skye
  • looking down on the world – Michael Dryhurst from on high
  • Bristol KSWs on the 1 road – in Bristol
  • an RMC I have known – and loved, says Chris Drew


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