issue 184 (April – May 2023)

issue 184 (April – May 2023)

After the recent exit of FirstBus from Southampton, David Toy looks at the city in earlier years and remembers its Atlantean days. John Hodge recalls the X-routes that once ran in the South Midlands in the 1980s and we feature more buses on rails around the world, more on Cuba, more about a Bristol L in Hampshire, more revelations about Fotobus and more on the end of Notts & Derby trolleybuses.

We also see how to upright a Routemaster on its side, and observe an Albion Nimbus and a Bristol LH in Devon country lanes, while Peter Calvert tells us about his classic classic bus and a letter he got from Lytham's general manager in 1960. A Leyland Lion will soon be roaring again in Winchester, and a fabulous new book will be launched at the London Bus Museum's Spring Gathering – a must buy! How about Ribble and BET Directors' jolly to the Lake District and how one-man operation did not always happen straight away with early underfloor-engine buses? It's all in the latest Classic Bus.

in this issue

  • a Southampton story – standardisation and municipal ownership
  • development of X routes – in the South Midlands
  • when Notts & Derby trolleys left – what the papers had to say
  • going OMO – a slow process
  • a day out for the directors – from The Bus Archive
  • a Lion returns to Winchester – to join the Friends of King Alfred Buses fleet
  • some musings on preservation – and a fantastic new London book
  • a Bristol L along Hampshire lanes – on Summer Sunday services
  • more buses on the rails – around the world
  • a favourite bus in Lytham – Peter Calvert's classic classic bus
  • more Cuban curiosities – Caribbean exotica observed
  • not such a secret society – the story of Fotobus
  • little red buses – in East Devon lanes
  • getting a Routemaster up again – it involved RT106


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