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issue 148April - May 2017

We off on another great British bus route, the 99 in Manchester that ceased operation last year - Paul Wilkinson charts its ups and downs.

The AJS piece we featured in the last issue has brought a whole lot more about this small-time manufacturer. And you so loved the piece on the Park Royal standards you sent in a few more pictures to extend the story. We’ve got more snowploughs, too. And more postcards from early days of bus operation, this time on other High Streets. London’s not neglected, with some early colour studies of its first rear-engined double deckers in service in the capital.

Classic Bus brings people together. So it would seem, anyway, as Roger Davies goes on to explain how his cousin rediscovered him through buying a copy of our wonderful magazine. There’s a tale of tilting buses and a lot more to tell, too!

We have an explanation of where Maidstone & District’s double deckers actually did go in the early 1970s and Tony Moyes takes us a swimming lesson to the baths at Marple (on a Bristol L).

As Robert Jowitt approaches his 75th birthday, he reminisces about his photography and showcases some more great shots.Of course, there’s plenty more to enjoy, including our ever lively Forum section, new books and Roger Upfront recalling when he first went to Ireland. So, wallow in all this and discover a bit more of how we got to where we are today.

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